White pepper ground as a favorite product of any spice trader

White pepper ground as a favorite product of any spice trader

Give you information around the product features, the market and trading method of white pepper ground, which is predicted to become a multi-million-dollar industry in the upcoming years.

What exactly is white pepper ground?

White pepper ground is produced by grounding white pepper beans. The final ground must be smooth and even. There are 4 main tools you can use to ground the beans: 

  • A mortar and pestle
  • A hammer
  • A roller
  • Multi-function blender
White pepper ground

Black and White pepper ground: The differences 

How to distinguish black and white pepper ground:

Black pepper White pepper
Processing Unripe fruits. Black pepper is boiled dried in the sun until it turns black and the skin becomes wrinkled The outer layer of the berry is removed, before or after ripening, with only the seed left, which is then dried
Color Brownish to dark brownish, blackish color. Free from added coloring Matt gray to brownish to pale ivory white. Free from added coloring
Flavor Hot, pungent, aromatic. The flavor shall have a penetrating odor and hot, biting pungent taste characteristics of black pepper excluding moldy and rancid odors Milder flavor, slightly sharp and very aromatic, excluding moldy and rancid odors
Shelf-life Longer, up to a year. Very short, must be eaten fresh
Price Less expensive More expensive due to more complex production

To sum up, black pepper has a hotter and spicier taste, while white pepper ground is described to have a milder one. 

White pepper ground is more suitable if you do not want your dishes to have black stains. It makes the dish look smoother and the texture look more even.

Since white pepper is more “exposed” to the air (because it is black pepper with the outer skin removed), it can last shorter than its counterpart. So you should remember to use fresh white pepper ground.

K-Agriculture – a recommended Vietnamese white pepper ground supplier

K-Agriculture is one of several exporting companies which are strongly supported by the Vietnamese Ministry of Trade and Agriculture. 

During 23 years of operation, the company has exported agricultural products, including organic white pepper ground to more than 20 countries in the world. Working with K-Agriculture, customers will be impressed by their professional customer service, high-quality products with really competitive prices.


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