Weft hair extensions: Products of the future in the wholesale hair extension

Weft hair extensions: Products of the future in the wholesale hair extension

Weft hair extensions is one more thing arranged by the hair extensions markets to work on the convenience of hair increases when used on clients’ hair while vivifying the premium of new clients to the hair expansions market.

The demand of Weft hair extensions

The magnificence needs of individuals are constantly improved with the goal that hair augmentation items are very generally welcomed, particularly from worldwide business sectors. They can burn through a great many dollars on heavenly hairpieces.

  • Ladies today will put in two or three hundred to a few thousand dollars for a hair augmentation, particularly in Africa. As you know, African hair is usually very short and curly candles are difficult to style, plus their hair is often very ruffled. Therefore, their need for weft hair extensions to get long smooth hairs is always sought after.
  • That’s why resellers can make thousands of percent profit from products like Vietnamese weft hair extensions. This is a bargain that no one can ignore. It is no coincidence that the hair business is one of the 10 most profitable industries in Africa.

Life is enhanced, the demand for beauty increases, every woman has the need for smooth hair. But no one gets naturally beautiful hair, so weft hair extensions are a rescue for them. When using customers’ hair will look very natural and easily reusable.

What’s about highlight characteristics of Weft hair extensions

Products that are leading the current hair extension market will have what remarkable points? Are you curious about it or not? Let’s find out in the article below.

The origin of Weft hair extensions

Origin is an important part of assessing the quality of a weft hair extension product in every market in the world.

  • Weft hair extensions are made from real people’s hair, and only from one person. And this hair production market is usually from 3 countries: Vietnam, India and China. For Vietnamese hair products, this is the best hair source because due to the favorable climate, people are peaceful, so the hair of Vietnamese people is very naturally shiny. When customers dye or bleach, the hair will not be damaged much.
  • With the large number of people in their country, China and India are considered to be two countries with large quantities of weft hair extensions supplies. The scale of their production is also extremely large, making these two markets considered as a source of both quality and large weft hair extensions for companies to hunt and produce.
  • Consistently, that thought has furthermore been changed basically that women know how to take advantage of their hair to get an extra compensation, so the levels of standard hair are similarly remarkable. Weft hair extensions aren’t all things considered identical to they used to be. Nowadays, it is possible to have hair that is both long and thick, yet there are extra hairs that are exceptionally unstable and simultaneously hold such incredible quality, so the weft hair extensions suppliers have disconnected the hair into different sorts with different degrees.

Characteristics of Weft hair extensions

What are the features of this product that makes customers love it so much?

  • Weft hair extensions made from the raw Vietnamese hair bundles : Vietnam’s horizontal hair extension is considered the best. The durability of weft hair extensions products produced from Vietnam has outstanding durability within 2 to 8 years preserved by users. This product also has a reasonable price because of the advantages such as cheap labor and convenient logistics system, so Vietnam’s hair is very affordable compared to the absolute good quality. But because Vietnamese factories always produce new weft hair extensions, they will carry out processing in small quantities, customers need to wait a few days.
  • Indian products: the largest and cheapest source of goods in the market. Due to the abundant supply, hair suppliers from India always have a large supply, so customers do not need to wait. But in return, India’s hair quality is usually thin, slightly ruffled and quite weak. Indian hair extensions are often hairs that have never been exposed to chemicals, so during the collection of large quantities of weft hair extensions, it is mixed with many types of hair and hair substances of many people so the texture is uneven. In addition, Indian hair is slightly curly, limiting bleaching and dyeing because due to weak hair, durability is not long because after only 1 to 3 months of use it will be damaged and can no longer be used.
  • China’s products: Large production scale and large quantities of weft hair extensions. Chinese factories maintain a large amount of goods in warehouses, so shipping time is very fast. Chinese hair production companies are scattered throughout the country so customers in demand will have fast good. Instead, the quality of Chinese weft hair extensions is often taken from Indian hair, so it will be no different from Indian products. Only the Chinese people buy and manufacture better, even though the side of Chinese hair is better produced than India but still short, only 5 months to 1 year.

5S hair factory: High-end brand of Weft hair extension

The weft hair extensions product that is rapidly gaining popularity in the world hair extension market is definitely not available at 5S hair factory, a famous hair extension brand in Vietnam. At 5S hair factory customers can find all these types of weft hair extensions products because not only creating products with diverse designs but also ensuring quality is the criteria that 5S hair factory sets out. Customers who shop at 5S hair factory’s brand are always guaranteed from customer service to product recommendations.

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