Vietnamese rice: A special delicacy that everyone should try

Vietnamese rice: A special delicacy that everyone should try

Vietnamese rice is now the choice of many rice eaters around the world for its tasty flavor and many health benefits.

Vietnamese rice: An overview

Vietnamese rice with delicious taste is now adored by many rice eaters around the world

  • Origin: Vietnamese rice existed in the Van Lang civilization, around 208-179 BC. From there, Vietnamese farmers have continuously developed cultivating methods, and instruments to create many famous Vietnamese rice varieties. Vietnamese rice is also the main ingredient in creating many Vietnamese delicacies like Banh Chung, Banh Giay, etc.
Vietnamese rice

Vietnamese rice: Famous types

Here are the most popular varieties of Vietnamese rice that everyone should try:

  • ST25 rice

The name ST is taken from Soc Trang province – the birthplace of this rice, located in the Mekong Delta. When cooked, ST25 rice is delightfully tender with a pandan-leave fragrance. Even when the cooked rice is cooled, it’s still tender to eat. ST25 rice can be added to the daily meals of everybody. In numerous of ST 25 suppliers, Viet Agri Wholesale Factory is known for supplying the best ST 25 rice in Vietnam. With strict quality control measures and attention to detail, they ensure that their customers receive the freshest, most flavorful, and nutrient-dense ST 25 rice available on the market.

  • Nang Hoa rice

Nang Hoa rice belongs to Jasmine rice varieties, now widely cultivated in Long An, Bac Lieu, in the South of Vietnam. This Vietnamese rice has a unique aroma and flavor that distinguish it from other types of rice. When cooked, Nang Hoa rice has a sweet, chewy texture and a long-lasting fragrance.

  • Nep Cai Hoa Vang rice

Another popular Vietnamese rice is Nep Cai Hoa Vang rice, a variety of sticky rice. Different from other sticky rice varieties with white pollen, the pollen of this rice plant is yellow, hence creating its name “Nep Cai Hoa Vang”. Nep Cai Hoa Vang rice grain is fairly short, round, and has a milky white color. When cooked, the rice becomes sticky, chewy, and has a delightful scent.

Vietnamese rice: Famous cuisine

Throughout history, from Vietnamese rice, people have created many traditional cuisines.

  • Banh Chung and Banh Tet

Banh Chung and Banh Tet are two traditional cakes that are usually eaten on the Tet holiday – The Vietnamese new year’s eve.The crust is made from sticky rice – a type of Vietnamese rice while the filling is filled with yellow beans and belly pork. Both cakes are then wrapped in green banana leaves or dong leaves and boiled for several hours. Banh Chung and Banh Tet are tastiest when eaten with vegetable pickles.

  • Sticky rice

Sticky rice or Xoi in Vietnamese is a traditional Vietnamese rice dish. Sticky rice can be made into many dishes with an appetizing flavor. For breakfast, people can eat white sticky rice with sausages, meat, eggs, etc. For special meals, people can make some sticky rice dishes like Momordica sticky rice, green bean sticky rice, etc.

  • Com Tam

Com Tam is a famous cuisine made from Vietnamese rice that everyone should try. Com Tam means broken rice in Vietnamese. The dish used to be popular among poor laborers owing to its affordable price. Com Tam is usually served with grilled ribs, egg sausages, and vegetable pickles.

K-agriculture Factory Vietnamese rice

A prestigious brand name in providing Vietnamese rice is K-Agriculture Factory. Having over 25 years of exporting white rice, K-Agriculture Factory is one of the most famous rice suppliers in Vietnam. K-Agriculture Factory also possesses HACCP and ISO certificates to guarantee their products’ quality.


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