Vacuum cleaner features a smart analog controller

Vacuum cleaner features a smart analog controller

Tests conducted by Air Filter Testing Laboratories, Inc., Crestwood, Ky., showed that one-quarter-filled bag vacuums operate at only 20 percent of their original cleaning power.

Putting a spin on dirt

The technology uses a 10-amp, 1200-watt motor to spin the dirty air in a pair of cylindrical chambers at very high speeds. Dirt is extracted from the spinning air by centrifugal force and tossed into an easy-to-empty transparent collection bin, with a .79-gal. capacity. The centrifugal action traps particles down to 0.5 micron without add-on filters.

The transparent collection bin provides visual proof (almost hypnotic) that the machine is working properly. The bin snaps off easily for emptying.

The dual-cyclonic process was developed by a United Kingdom inventor, who holds several patents on the technology.

In 1988, Iona acquired a license for the technology. In the fall of that year, the Canadian appliance maker introduced the first dual-cyclonic appliance, a carpet dry-cleaning machine. The appliance is sold by Sears under the Drytech name and by Iona under the Novadry name.

Johnson became aware of Iona’s new vac technology, according to Allan Millman, president of Iona, and approached the Canadian firm to develop a commercial version of the carpet dry-cleaning machine.

Iona, a mid-sized Canadian appliance manufacturer, makes and markets a complete line of floor-care products, from lightweight stick vacs to full-sized vacuum cleaners. The company also makes and markets small electrics, mainly hand mixers, bowl and stand mixers, and can openers.

Two vacs in one

Besides eliminating the need for filters or bags, another major improvement to the form and function of vacuum cleaners is the Vectron handle, which also serves as a built-in, retractable hose/wand called the


Ten feet in length, the Detailer allows workers to reach comers and tight spots easily. With its own separate air channel, the Detailer provides the same cleaning power at the end of the wand as at the vacuum head.

“Other vacuums with hose attachments are really one machine trying to do two jobs,” says David Holly, Johnson’s business-development manager. “The Vectron, with the Detailer, is really like having two machines in one body.” Earth-friendly

Johnson’s Vectron is also an earth friendly appliance as it reduces indoor air pollution, a message the firm is sure to exploit in its promotional activities.

Like all vacuums, the Vectron stirs up pollen, bacteria, fungi and other particles. But Johnson says the Vertron captures a higher proportion of these pollutants than conventional vacuum cleaners because it doesn’t use bags or filters.

Paper and cloth bags in most vacuum cleaners, whose porous openings must breathe for the appliance to pick up debris, allow tiny particles of pollutants to escape. Industry data show that typical vacuum cleaners allow high volumes of particles up to two microns in size to pass through.

Through improved bag and filter designs, other vacuum-cleaner makers, such as Hoover Co., Eureka Co. and Royal Appliance Manufacturing Co., are also addressing the indoor air-quality issue.

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