Tube cinnamon: a versatile spice

Tube cinnamon: a versatile spice

For years, the trading of tube cinnamon has been a promising industry, which catches a huge number of traders’ concern.

A quick view about tube cinnamon

The very first thing to know about this type of cinnamon is how to produce it

The processing procedure of tube cinnamon

The manufacturing of tube cinnamon is really simple. First, the cinnamon bark is well-cleaned then gone through the dryness process until it reaches a certain level of dryness. The purpose of that process is to protect the product from being attacked by fungus.

Tube Cinnamon

The product index

The uniform standards of tube cinnamon are:

  • Moisture: 12%
  • Essential oil: 2-4%
  • Length: 35-45cm
  • Package: carton

Those are the most popular requirements of tube cinnamon in the market. However, buyers can absolutely customize their tube cinnamon products.

Tube cinnamon: locations of exporters and importers

The biggest tube cinnamon exporter at this time is Indonesia. In 2019, the cinnamon export value of Indonesia is 149 million dollars, making up for 19.9% of global cinnamon export value. The main tube cinnamon importer of Indonesia is the US, which was the largest cinnamon importer in 2019 with the import value at 124 million dollars.
At the same time, Vietnam and China are also two nations well-known for their key roles as tube cinnamon suppliers. Their main exporting markets are India and other Asian countries.

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The benefits of tube cinnamon

The benefits of tube cinnamon are undeniable. It has an important role in cooking and treatment fields. First, tube cinnamon is a vital ingredient in many recipes such as cinnamon tea, cinnamon cake, etc. And in the medical field, antioxidants in tube cinnamon are beneficial for reducing inflammatory spots and the level of blood sugar. Moreover, tube cinnamon is also able to help humans to prevent skin aging.

Top tube cinnamon suppliers

The list below is top 3 best tue cinnamon suppliers in the world.


Being the leading company in cinnamon exporting for more than 20 years, K-Agriculture is proud to give customers the best quality tube cinnamon as well as customer service.

Lak Cinnamon

A company located in Sri Lanka, Lak Cinnamon is well-known for its original Ceylon cinnamon products including tube cinnamon.

The Commerce

Located in India, The Commerce has a favorable advantage, which is its huge consumer market.

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