The meaning of 5S Hair Factory’s brand name and its slogan

The meaning of 5S Hair Factory’s brand name and its slogan

Nowadays, the hair business is becoming popular in Vietnam. In this article, we will learn about a reputable hair factory in Vietnam – it’s 5S Hair Factory. So why is it named 5S Hair Factory? What is the slogan of this factory?

5S Hair Factory – Best hair quality

The meaning of 5S Hair Factory’s brand name

As we all know, the brand name plays a very important role in the success of a company because it conveys the message of the product from the brands to the buyers. Therefore, each brand name has its own meaning.

Meaning of 5S Hair Factory’s brand name

The name 5S Hair Factory was given by the father of the current director of 5S Hair Factory – Mr. Adam Smith with the following meaning:

  • 5 refers to 5 major continents in the world such as Africa, America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. This represents the desire to spread the beauty of Vietnamese women’s hair to residents around the world. Moreover, it also shows the foresight of the founder of 5S Hair Factory that always wants to develop and reach out to the world.
  • The letter “S” is the symbol for the image of Vietnam on the world map. Moreover, it also honors the beautiful figure of Vietnamese women with a charming S-shaped curve. This shows the desire to spread national pride to international friends.
  • “Hair” is information about the goods that the 5S brand wants to bring to customers. In order to easily attract customers, it is necessary and smart for the manufacturer to put information about the product provided in the brand name.

This is a brand name with numerous meanings. It has just demonstrated the leader’s vision of the desire to bring 5S Hair Factory to the world. Moreover, it also shows the founder’s patriotism and pride for Vietnam. Mr. Adam Smith’s father wants to propagate the beauty of the country and Vietnamese women to international friends. 5S Hair Factory wants to bring to international customers high quality hair made from virgin and remy hair of Vietnamese women.

The meaning of 5S Hair Factory’s slogan

The slogan of 5S Hair Factory is “Shine in your own way”. This slogan has many meanings:

  • 5S Hair Factory tends to encourage women to find their own style. Recognizing that hair also contributes to expressing a person’s style and personality, 5S Hair Factory wants to bring customers a variety of hair products in colors and designs to satisfy the needs of customers.
  • 5S Hair Factory wants to affirm the beauty rights of every person. Through its slogan, 5S Hair Factory wants to show that everyone has the right to be beautiful and have their own style. It expresses the equality between people, whether you are male or female, fat or thin, rich or poor, black or white, you also have the right to live with your own personality.
Logo of 5S Hair Factory

5S Hair Factory’s slogan wants to honor the beauty of each person. Furthermore, it expresses the desire to bring beautiful and quality hair to change the beauty of each person. 5S Hair Factory also gives customers the opportunity to live according to their preferences.

Actions of 5S Hair Factory to follow its brand name and slogan

Following the brand name and slogan of 5S Hair Factory, it is tending to integrate with the overseas hair market and provide a large variety of quality hair products to the customers.

5S Hair Factory: Integration with world hair market

5S Hair Factory has become a reliable supplier to the African and European markets, even some countries in Asian area with many good review. They are one of the most factory that have much Vietnamese hair review.

  • African market: Africans attach great importance to women’s hairstyles. Their unique shapes, colors, and variations demonstrate their creativity and feminine beauty. 5S Hair Factory’s regular customers in the African market are Nigerians.
  • European market: From the 16th to 17th centuries, wigs were popular in European countries such as England and France by European aristocrats. Up to now, Europeans still keep the tradition of using wigs in countries like the US and Russia.
  • Asian market: As a major hair supplier in Asia, China still regularly imports Vietnamese hair for reprocessing. And 5S Hair Factory is always the first priority for Chinese hair suppliers.

5S Hair Factory: Various and high quality hair products

5S Hair Factory is trusted as a reputable hair supplier in Vietnam because of its wide range of products and good hair quality.

  • The variety of products about styles and colors: 5S Hair Factory mainly provides hair extensions. There are 4 main types of hair extensions: raw hair extension, tip hair extension, tape hair extension and weft hair extension. Moreover, 5S Hair Factory products are also very diverse in colors such as piano color, ombre dark blue, ombre color and so on.
  • Good hair quality: 5S Hair Factory’s hair is purchased directly from highland women, so the hair is very strong and beautiful. 5S Hair Factory’s hair extensions are usually made from virgin and remy hair.

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