Short hair hand tied extensions: The most amazing product of the wholesale market

Short hair hand tied extensions: The most amazing product of the wholesale market

Hand knotted hair extensions look best on short hair, but if you don’t use them properly, they may not seem natural. To ensure that your short hair hand tied extensions look as natural as possible, we’ll offer some incredibly helpful blending tips.

The simplest method for fusing Short hair hand tied extensions

Undoubtedly a frequent problem is when girls make the decision to shorten their hair and then change their minds the next day. As a result, buying short hair hand tied extensions is a better solution to the problem. The following is a list of the simplest methods for blending and applying short hair extensions.

  • You can tint human hair extensions like double drawn Vietnamese hair or Cambodian hair and combine them with Short hair hand tied extensions. An ombre hair extension is the best option if your roots are a different tint than the rest of your hair.
  • Weft hair extensions are popular because they blend easily with hand-tied extensions for short hair. Two of the best ways to incorporate extensions into naturally short hair hand tied extensions are tying in and tape in. Both of them are highly adept at expanding in length and bulk while evading detection.
  • When incorporating Short hair hand tied extensions that are 16 to 18 inches long, go for shorter extensions if your hair is shorter. This will greatly simplify your problem. We advise using tape, tip-ins, micro links, or nano rings to connect short hair hand-tied extensions. Because they take a lot of skills, you should get assistance from a qualified hairdresser. To relieve pressure on the hairline, you should also choose short hair extensions that are not too bulky but are yet sufficiently thick, like Vietnamese hair.

Before integrating Short hair hand tied extensions, wash your hair

Make sure your short hair is clean by shampooing and conditioning it before fusing hair extensions with it. To avoid overdrying your hair, use the cold setting on your blow dryer or let it air dry.

The right way to make Short hair hand tied extensions

By dividing your top hair in half and pulling it up, you may begin blending short hair hand tied extensions. If your top hair is too short to be held with a hair tie, you can also use a clip.

  • Tease your short hair with a comb or brush to preserve the short hair extensions where you intend to combine short hair with Short hair hand tied extensions. You can put Short hair hand tied extensions wherever on your head as long as your hair totally hides them. To prevent the hair from being too thick or thin in one region, layer it.
  • Mist hairspray onto the constructed stand for increased hold. Hold the clips firmly, move them to the shelf you created, and then fasten them to make sure the short hair hand tied extensions are securely fastened.
  • Repeat the process with the remaining hair extensions. In the mirror, assess your ability to blend short hair hand-tied extensions properly.

There are a number of practical ways to combine Short hair hand tied extensions

There are a few things you must constantly remember to do in order to successfully combine short hair hand tied extensions with short hair extensions.

  • Because you’ll need additional Short hair hand tied extensions to flawlessly transition from shorter to longer lengths, choose at least two extensions to make sure your hair is thick enough for them.
  • Although your own hair might not be very thick, the real human hair you buy should be a little thicker. Therefore, we advise selecting dense fibers that are neither excessively heavy nor coarse, such short hand-tied extensions from Vietnamese hair producers. If you wish to cover those unattractive shorter portions at the back of your neck with short hair hand-tied extensions, pin the hair at the nape of the neck. This hair requires brushing, curling, or braiding.
  • It is suggested to attach hair extensions higher than usual: When combining Short hair hand tied extensions, keep in mind to cover as much of your natural hair as you can. By following the aforementioned process, you can blend short hair extensions with every other weft you’ve clipped into your hair.

You can always get the best Short hair hand tied extensions at 5S Hair Factory

When combining short hair extensions, the weight of the hair extension must be taken into account. Since hair extensions should be thick without being excessively heavy, as I’ve highlighted, we strongly advise you to select the Vietnamese hair extensions line from 5S Hair Factory. The 5S Hair Factory not only offers top-notch goods but also informs visitors about the most recent hairdos, significant hair extension information, and helpful tips for employing Vietnamese short hair extensions.


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