Raw Vietnamese hair bundles become popular in the wholesale hair vendors

Raw Vietnamese hair bundles become popular in the wholesale hair vendors

Raw Vietnamese hair bundles are produced from the natural hair of Vietnamese women. It is gradually becoming an item that every hair dealer must have because of its excellent quality. Please see the article below for more details.

raw Vietnamese hair bundles

Overview about raw Vietnamese hair bundles.

Vietnam has always been famous for its high quality hair products and raw Vietnamese hair bundles are one of them. Wholesale markets collect hair from women who want to sell it or in salons and then manufacture it into highly selective products. That’s why raw Vietnamese hair bundles are always known as a 100% natural Vietnamese hair product. Along with such quality, hair dealers are always looking for and purchasing raw Vietnamese hair bundles. The demand to buy raw Vietnamese hair bundles are increasing, which makes the price of hair also increase significantly.

Raw Vietnamese hair bundles are the best choice for hair dealers

Raw Vietnamese hair bundles are known so much, but what characteristics does this hair have to attract hair dealers so much, let’s find out together:

High quality of raw Vietnamese hair bundles

Variety of genres

For raw Vietnamese hair bundles, the wholesale market in Vietnam is divided into two main types as follows:

  • Remy hair extension: This is the type of hair that is produced after collecting raw Vietnamese hair bundles and processing them. Remy hair extensions will be mixed with many different hair types, but the structure is still completely Vietnamese hair and very strong at a very affordable price.
  • Virgin hair extension: It can be said that this is the best hair in raw Vietnamese hair bundles because it is obtained from 100% of the original hair of Vietnamese women with high durability, smoothness and shine. Virgin hair extensions can be used to do all kinds of styling or even strong bleaching because the structure of Vietnamese hair is very strong. With such high quality, but the price is extremely reasonable, suitable for many customers because in Vietnam, the wholesale hair market has a full supply, so hair treatment becomes easy and does not cost too much time.

 Many outstanding features

Variety is not enough because the core of raw Vietnamese hair bundles is its quality

  • High durability: talking about the quality of Vietnamese hair, we must definitely mention their strong and long-lasting durability. In Vietnam with a mild climate, especially in the North of Vietnam, there are four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, along with the healthy frugal diet of Vietnamese people, which has created the strength of raw Vietnamese hair bundles. In order to adapt to the changing weather all year round, raw Vietnamese hair must also change to adapt thereby making the hair durable, strong but still very soft and shiny.
  • Special structure: as mentioned above, raw Vietnamese hair bundles are very durable and strong but surprisingly smooth and shiny. Why is that? This is the secret of Vietnamese people for their hair. In the past, when people still couldn’t use shampoo or conditioner in their lives, Vietnamese people knew how to take advantage of natural herbs such as conditioner, locust, … Now even raw Vietnamese hair has been taken care of with shampoo and conditioner, but natural herbs are still used, so raw Vietnamese hair bundles are extremely strong and strangely soft.

Why should customers buy raw Vietnamese hair bundles at 5S hair factory?

If you are wondering why customers should buy raw Vietnamese hair bundles at 5S hair factory, see the explanation below:

5S hair factory
  • 100% original hair is a huge advantage of raw Vietnamese hair bundles vendors. There are many types of hair on the market, but not all hair is original, so the price is usually much cheaper than raw Vietnamese hair bundles. But with its high quality in the 5S hair factory, this one will definitely remain the first choice of hair dealers.
  • Because raw Vietnamese hair bundles have strong original hair, it is very easy to care for. Customers will not need to worry too much about damage because 5S hair factory has carefully selected and provided high quality to serve all customers’ wishes.
  • With the 5S hair factory, all the wishes of customers can come true when raw Vietnamese hair bundles are possible to make any style or color that customers like. Raw Vietnamese hair bundles’ quality can meet all requirements because the basic hair color of Vietnamese people is black, so it can be easily bleached and dyed with other colorful colors. Or if customers love black but want curly hair in many styles, 5S hair factory can also satisfy you with a variety of curly wavy hair extensions.

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