K-Hair Company: Strategy for building constant customer trust

K-Hair Company: Strategy for building constant customer trust

In the age of hair business competition, it’s easy for customers to jump ship from one business or store to another whenever they feel being unrespected or something in the company goes wrong. Hence, the hair companies need certain rules in operating so that their clients return and have intention to cooperate in the long term. When it comes to the hair extensions industry, Vietnam is one of the most potential markets and K-Hair Company can be ranked top 1 reliable hair company in Viet Nam. The picture of K-Hair Company strategy, one of the dominant hair companies in VietNam in distributing high quality hair to other regions, will clarify some main rules. If you are about to start your business as a wholesale hair vendor, this article is really of use.

Customer trust is a give-and-take behavior to what they receive. Trust comes when the companies understand their customer’s needs, respect them, and offer relevant service. Penetrating this idea, K-Hair Company always gives priority to quality over every other consideration. With the motto: “Quality is King”, K-Hair Company spends all their sources emphasizing on hair resources and excellent customer policy. Founded in 1992, K-HAIR has been through a many-year journey with countless ups and downs. Up to now,  K-Hair has delivered processed hair items to many countries and territories and already had 3 companies in Vietnam, Nigeria, UN which are significantly improved to achieve the enormous success of the group. How have the company managers done this? It is being revealed right now.

First thing first, the main material, hair, is assured strictly from the origin to the producing process. K-Hair Company’s main products are weft hair, tip and tape hair, closure and frontal and 360 wigs which have been delivered to many countries and territories all over the world and then acquired the reputation of these high-quality products. All materials are made from 100% Vietnamese human hair. The special point in Vietnamese hair is that they only buy hair of women aged from 18 to 25, who are still young with good health and also pay more attention to hair care as well. Because of the fact that woman’s hair in rural and mountainous areas hair quality is famous for being strong, shiny, silky and not tangled, shedding or split as they use natural herbs such as coconut oil, aloe vera, lemongrass… to wash their hair instead of chemical shampoos, K-Hair workers come to villages one by one to ask to buy and collect qualified hair.

After the first hard stage, hair is transported to the main K-Hair factory in Bac Ninh Viet Nam for a lot of processing steps. Here, skillful workers equipped with high technical machines labor continuously to finish the high quality wholesale hair extensions products. In comparison with India and China hair products, Vietnamese hair extensions can’t be so cheap as Chinese or Indian ones, but they are definitely not expensive with such high quality.

Another important element in K-Hair company strategy for building customer trust is the supportive and studious staff. In K-Hair Company, we have an available 24/7 personnel on the hotlines of the website playing in a consultative role so that you can choose the most appropriate hair extensions style, color, length or price with you in an easy way. Additionally, the sale staff who are the “bridge” connecting customers and factory are all tactful so if you are wholesale hair vendors and have intentions of co-operating with K-Hair Factory in long term, contact them and they will give you further information that you want: about the situation of production, their fully detailed products, the wholesale prices,…

Customers when dealing with K-Hair Factory have the privilege of examining the factory or the products you are concerned about by direct video call via Whatsapp platform. Remember that the company which does not dare to show you the company is at high risk of being a scammer!  In some cases of unexpected things happening after you have received the hair, you will have an exchange to receive a new one and shipping cost will be provided by the K-HAIR company

One more brilliant spot about K-Hair Factory policy in customer services is that no matter where you come from, they have many Payment Options such as credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Western Union, MoneyGram or Bank Transfer, for you to choose the way you pay for your goods provided that your monetary unit is dolla.

As I have told above, whenever you are to start up your hair business, some keys from K-Hair Company are things you should take into consideration. Remember the core value in grasping other’s trust is quality but not quantity.  If you are wholesale hair vendors looking for a reliable hair distributor that can provide you with high-quality items or simply an individual with a deep passion for hair extensions, K-Hair Company is the one that certainly has the ability to meet your expectations.

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