Human hair wig: The top choice for hair extension market in the world

Human hair wig: The top choice for hair extension market in the world

You may not know many hair extension products but you must have heard of human hair wigs because they are quite popular on the market today. So to know more about it, follow the article below.

human hair wig

Overview about Human hair wig

Human hair wig is known as an alternative haircut for girls with weak thinning hair or for customers who wish to change their hair on special occasions.
And there are also a few other cases where a human hair wig is also used for patients suffering from cancer and hair loss, it will be their deep consolation and help them regain their confidence. And of course human hair wigs are very handy because it just needs to be applied directly to your head and it becomes your real hair.

Some features of Human hair wig

Before buying any product, you will definitely have to learn about its features, so follow the article below to better understand human hair wigs.

features of human hair wig

Pros of Human hair wig

To understand more about human hair wig, check out the article below to understand more about its benefits and disadvantages:

  • Human hair wigs are very diverse in design. As for hair extension products, it is a special product in the hair extension market. Human hair wigs are basically known for being a finished product and it’s incredibly versatile. Curly or straight and short or long. For it, there are a variety of styles and colors to cater to customers who want a completely new hair without any chemicals or heat.
  • And of course with the convenience of a human hair wig, it is extremely easy to use many times, so it can be seen that its durability is extremely high. Usually, a human hair wig can last up to a year and if you know how to take care of your wig, it can certainly last much longer. This is something that everyone is interested in because when buying a human hair wig, there are many difficulties and disadvantages, so using a human hair wig for a long time is definitely something that every customer is very happy with.
  • One of the advantages that makes everyone buy a human hair wig is that it is suitable for everyone. As mentioned above, it can be used for a lot of objects and if you are looking for a perfect new hair without using any chemicals that affect your hair then a human hair wig is the best solution for you. Because for other types of hair extensions, you must have a ready-made base of long hair and then add it to make it longer and thicker, but with human hair wigs, you can completely use it in any case for you to have no hair or thin hair and little is still possible.

Cons of Human hair wig

If a human hair wig already has so many advantages, what are its disadvantages?

pros and cons of human hair wig
  • It’s extremely expensive. Of course, price is a factor that every customer will consider when making a purchase, so it is definitely one of the first disadvantages. Because a human hair wig is a complete hair extension, its stages will take many times longer than other hair extensions on the market. And to make a complete human hair wig requires a lot of raw hair as the raw material, so it’s not surprising that its price has also increased since then.
  • And also because a human hair wig comes complete with a lot of coarse hair, usually a wig is quite heavy, much heavier than other hair extension products. When you have beautiful hair, anyone can accept that it will be heavy for a while, but if you bear that weight for too long, it will be very bad for your scalp which can affect and cause you discomfort as well as pain.
  • The human hair wig is like your own hair so it is also very susceptible to damage. It is the reason that you need to find the right hair care products to be able to use a wig in the long run. Surely everyone will be interested because no one wants to spend a lot more money to buy an expensive human hair wig instead of being able to take care of and use a wig for a long time.

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5S hair factory: Hair extension market has high quality Human hair wig

Human hair wig is an expensive product and you should take special care when looking for a good place to buy it.
Below we introduce you to 5S hair factory – a brand that specializes in providing top hair extensions products in Vietnam. And of course, 5S hair factory can never lack a high-class product like a human hair wig because the high quality raw material source is raw Vietnamese hair for these products. Come to 5S hair factory to get the best experience when buying hair extensions.

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