Facts about natural straight hair to get a smooth and healthy hair

Facts about natural straight hair to get a smooth and healthy hair

Now the good news, this hair-type happens to be the shiniest and most coveted of all the hair types and textures. Natural straight hair is not simply straight, but it also has a variety of styles such as thick, thin, oily, dry… Here are some benefits and disadvantages of natural straight hair and how to straighten hair with styling tools or how to care for smooth, healthy hair.

facts about natural straight hair

Pros and cons of natural straight hair

Typically natural straight hair types naturally produce more oil and the lack of curl reflects light making it shiny the most coveted hair textures it has more oil than other types of hair

Pros of natural straight hair

You will be very lucky to have natural straight hair because this is something few people have, here are some of the advantages of hair:

  • It’s very strong: Everyone’s natural hair is different, but basically it’s very strong. You can style your hair by styling tools or dye with your favorite colors. However, if you use too much chemical, your hair will be compromised. And some factories in Vietnam like 5S Hair Factory have a strong natural straight hair.
  • Shiny and gorgeous: For natural straight hair, there is always a certain shine because the oil layer is just enough on the hair to make the hair protected and look healthy.
  • Fast regrowth: natural straight hair grows quite quickly and even if you use hair growth stimulants it is faster than expected, so natural hair is always renewed and extremely strong

Cons of natural straight hair

Besides the benefits, natural straight hair also has disadvantages, let’s see what that disadvantage is:

  • Lack of volume: this is not common for most people but is always a concern for people with naturally thin hair. Unflattering natural hair will make them less attractive and lose confidence with this hair.
  • Easily greasy: Natural straight hair needs careful care because the level of oil secretion from oily skin is quite fast. Leaving oil on natural hair will make the scalp itchy and extremely unsightly.
  • It’s hard to take care of: for natural straight hair, it is not strange that you have to spend a lot of money on hair care products. Because basic hair is often vulnerable, you need to pay close attention to your hair if you do not want it to become frizzy.

Essential care tips for natural straight hair

To have beautiful hair, you need to take good care of your hair and here are some tips for you:

  • Regularly massage your scalp: After you wash your hair, instead of using a hair dryer, massage your scalp to both reduce stress and make your scalp pores open so that your hair becomes more bouncy and smooth.
  • Scalp exfoliation: Do you think it’s only the face and body that need exfoliation? Your scalp also needs to be exfoliated after a certain period of time so that your hair can become beautiful and limit excess oil on the scalp. This will also help you reduce the number of times you have to wash your hair that week.
essential care tips for natural straight hair
  • Blow your hair with cold air: Limit the use of the dryer and especially leave it on hot air mode because that is one of the causes of the breakage of your natural straight hair. It is also the reason that naturally straight hair becomes more and more frizzy and weak
  • Find the right product: A good and expensive product may not be right for your natural straight hair. Try shampoos, conditioners,…that really work for your hair. You can also try some scalp masks as a way to relax as well as help your scalp feel comfortable.
  • Limit the use of chemicals on your hair: You are a person who likes striking hair colors or complicated hairstyles. But it will not be good for naturally straight hair when too many chemicals are applied to the hair. Your hair will be more and more damaged and broken if you do not limit the use of chemicals and take care of your hair from now on.

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Change your natural straight hair with styling tools.

If you don’t want your natural straight hair to always stay in one style, you can think of using styling tools to refresh your hair instantly but not permanently.

  • If you don’t have natural straight hair, don’t worry because there are tools to help you straighten your hair in seconds. Tools that act like an iron to straighten your hair with high heat. However, make sure that your hair is strong and oily enough because if your hair is damaged and dry, when applying this method your hair will become even more terrible.
    And if you use this method regularly, you should take care of your hair properly. You should use enough shampoo, conditioner, and oil care products before doing it. Even after straightening your hair, you should also take care of your hair thoroughly. Although it is the best method for you to straighten your hair immediately, you should not do it too many times a week.
  • If you are so used to natural straight hair and want to refresh yourself with curls, it is also possible because your curling tools are very popular in the market. The tool works on the mechanism of using high heat to change the original state of your hair so make sure you condition your hair regularly to avoid damaging your hair.
change your natural straight hair with styling tools
  • And if you are a person with a special style who always wants to have really brilliant hair, then from natural straight hair you can transform with countless favorite hair colors. With naturally straight black hair, dyeing your hair to the color standard will be a bit difficult because your natural straight hair is still very healthy. So if you want to have brilliant hair like pink, orange, red, blue, … Then you can bleach your hair or tone it up if you want. Thus, your new hair color will be created in the most perfect way. But no matter what you do with naturally straight hair, don’t forget that you should take good care of your hair.

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