Not very familiar to the kitchen as black pepper, but surprisingly, white pepper actually comes from the same tree as its counterpart. The only difference between them comes down to picking and processing methods.

White pepper and Black pepper: The differences

Many people find it hard to differentiate white pepper and black pepper. This section will solve the problem for you.

Black pepper White pepper
Processing Unripe fruits. Black pepper is boiled dried in the sun until it turns black and the skin becomes wrinkled The outer layer of the berry is removed, before or after ripening, with only the seed left, which is then dried
Color Brownish to dark brownish, blackish color. Free from added coloring Matt gray to brownish to pale ivory white. Free from added coloring
Flavor Hot, pungent, aromatic. The flavor shall have a penetrating odor and hot, biting pungent taste characteristics of black pepper excluding moldy and rancid odors Milder flavor, slightly sharp and very aromatic, excluding moldy and rancid odors
Shelf-life Longer, up to a year. Very short, must be eaten fresh
Price Less expensive More expensive due to more complex production

What exactly is white pepper?

White pepper is produced from black pepper as the raw material. Black pepper after being removed the outer rough black skin has to go through a drying process to meet a certain quality standard.

Top suppliers

According to IPC, in 2019, the top 4 biggest pepper producers, including white pepper, are Vietnam, Brazil, Indonesia and India.

Countries Production value (MT)
Vietnam 260,200
Brazil 80,000
Indonesia 78,000
India 48,000

Wholesale price

Countries Average price by months in 2020 Average price by month in 2021

(up to October)

Indonesia 2.7653 USD/kg 3.3717 USD/kg
Brazil 2.08225 USD/kg 3.18768 USD/kg
Malaysia 3.43957 USD/kg 3.6384 USD/kg
India 3.8224 USD/kg 3.9054 USD/kg
Vietnam 2.3756 USD/kg 3.6469 USD/kg

How to use white pepper?

There are a number of ways to use white pepper to flavor your dishes. 

For example, you can use white pepper in creamy soups or chowders to hide the appearance of pepper specks, which gives the dish a smoother appearance. 

If you want to use white pepper as a substitute for the black one, keep in mind how this might affect the flavor of your dish. White pepper is said to have a more complex flavor profile because it has been able to ripen longer, and it has been fermented.

How to use white pepper

K-Agriculture – a Vietnamese white pepper exporter

The Vietnamese Ministry of Trade and Agriculture is a key supporter and investor of the company. K-Agriculture focuses on manufacturing and exporting agricultural products to the world, with white pepper as a best-seller product.

White pepper of K-Agriculture is organic, which helps the pepper beans to keep their original and traditional taste.


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